6x2' web series

Gillette Goldman

Gillette Goldman / 6x2' web series

The Client

P&G MENA - Gillette Fusion ProGlide


The Format

6x2' episodes | web series | 2013


The Project

We came up with a web series to compliment the general campaign concept for Gillette Fusion ProGlide Golden edition. This was part of a gaming activation initiative on their Facebook application, so we also created and shot additional video material that served as the annotations on Youtube and were used as hints in the gaming applications.                       

Goldman strikes again stealing a valuable golden razor to enrich his gold collection, but G-man is on a mission to get it back and save the day. Will G-man’s tricks help him get the razor back?


The Result

This campaign helped Gillette reach its highest value shares ever in KSA, they increased by 36% while value shares in UAE also significantly increased by 13%.

The game recruited 8,061 participants and the campaign recruited 46, 175 fans, achieving 46% over the Gillette Arabia Facebook Fan base of 100,000 while the webisode had over 17, 175 views. The total Youtube Interaction Rate was 4.54%.


Our Role

Original story idea and storylines creation. Scriptwriting. Production. Game hints and supporting video creation.    

The links

For the full episodes click here . Kindly contact us for the password.

The credits

Production Company : Olive Tree Productions

Director : Alain Sauma 

D.O.P : Dominique Fausset