Music video

Machrou' Leila | 3 minutes

Machrou' Leila | 3 minutes / Music video

The Client

Machrou’ Leila & Absolut Vodka


The Format

Music Video Clip | 2015


The Project

Our latest motto has been: Collaborate to Create. We produced the new music video for Mashrou’ Leila’s new release song '3 minutes’. This was a project that embodied the essence of what pure collaboration is about. We were invited by Publicis Beirut to create this branded content project for Absolute as part of their Transform Today campaign that aimed to use art and culture to uplift, inspire and express and that was translated by engaging ML's fans in the creation process of the song.  The fans not only had the opportunity to participate in the writing process, but also pitched ideas for the music video that was directed by Amin Dora who created the video’s concept also fueled by ideas from the band's members and the amazing crew surrounding him. By opening creative doors both metaphorically and literally in the video, ML met their fans in an exciting new exposed transformative way. 


The Result

Fan participation in the writing process.More than 700,000 views


The links 

For the youtube link click here.

The credits

Production Company : Olive Tree Productions

Director: Amin Dora

DOP: Pierre Mouarkech