OT Short Movie

Essay On A Love Story

Essay On A Love Story / OT Short Movie

The Client

Olive Tree Productions 


The Format

Short Movie | 2015


The Project

Essay on a Love Story, a short film conceived and created by Olive Tree in collaboration with Chadi Younes for our 6th year anniversary. The video tells a simple story that is both human and universal: at the heart of the plot is the idea that we all create our own drama to be able to fully live the emotional human experience. So inevitably many of our stories come from within. A story within a story that expresses our heart and soul, the core of Olive Tree and the memorable content we create.


The Result

Around 20,000 views. More than 500 likes/comments/shares from Olive Tree’s Facebook page.


Our Role

Concept. Scriptwriting. Production.

Production Company : Olive Tree Productions

Director : Chadi Younes

Written by Rolly Dib & Chadi Younes

Cinematography Beirut : Damoun Ghawi

Camera operators Tokyo/Iceland :

Chadi Younes

Ziad Chahoud

Corine Shawi

Underwater camera operator : Nicolas Khoury